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Middle School – Music Connection

Middle School


Let Music Connection show you how to have the most fun at your next Middle School Dance!

Music Connection strives to provide a positive influence on teens with “appropriate”, good, clean music, student interaction, dancing, and a lot of fun!

Music Connection’s Middle School formula for success:

  • Disc-Jockey Interaction and Student Participation –Music Connection’s enthusiastic DJs enjoy interacting with the crowd!Through audience participation, line dances, and various contests, we invite all students to join in on the fun. We know how to keep the dance moving along! Prize give-aways are sponsored by Music Connection at every dance.
  • Best Music Selection – For teens at your Middle School dance, it’s about the music. For the school administration, it’s about what music is appropriate to play. Music Connection’s DJs know what is appropriate and play only good “clean” music (which we sometimes have to edit ourselves). We play a variety of the current Top 40 songs as well as music from all eras that appeal to the teen-age crowd. We take requests at the dance and play a variety of music all within the school guidelines. We also offer a Music Selection Survey that your school can fill out in advance to give us a better idea of what music your school likes to hear.
  • State-of-the-Art Sound and Lighting Equipment – Using the latest technology in digital equipment, our high quality sound systems can accommodate smaller groups to crowds of over 1,000 people. The sound is crisp and clear and played at a controlled volume! Music Connection’s colorful stage lighting and special effects create an exciting and fun atmosphere where students can enjoy themselves in a safe atmosphere.

Types of Middle School Events we enjoy providing entertainment at:

  • Academic Dances
  • Back To School Dances
  • End of Year Dances
  • Holiday Dances
  • Mother Son Dances
  • Reward Dances
  • Halloween Dances
  • Valentine Dances
  • 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Dances
  • Beach Parties
  • End of Proficiency Dances
  • Farewell Dances
  • Fun Days
  • Hawaiian Luau’s
  • Father Daughter Dances
  • Power of The Pen Events
  • Afternoon Dances
  • PTA Dances
  • Picnics
  • Spring Dances
  • Student Council Dances
  • D.A.R.E. Dances
  • Fund Raiser Dances

Here is what some advisors and school principals have to say about Music Connection:

“ Learwood Middle School has been using Music Connection for over 12 years. The company is a first class operation. They are dependable and efficient. One of their many strengths is that they work hard to involve the students and play music that is appropriate for the age group. Thanks, Jim, for making our middle school dances run so smoothly!”

Jane Ramsey
Prinicipal – Learwood Middle School – Avon Lake

“ Music Connection does a terrific job with our middle school dances. We find that the DJs provided by Music Connection are highly qualified and conduct themselves in a professional manner. The music that they select to play is popular and school appropriate. Mr. Rio and his associates are always willing to do the “little extras” that help make our dances a memorable experience for all who attend.”

Jerry Wolf
Student Council Advisor – Brooklyn Middle School

“Jim Rio and the Music Connection staff are an excellent choice as disc jockeys. Their selection of music and interactive styles put them in a class by themselves. I wholeheartedly recommend Jim Rio and Music Connection.”

Edward Vittardi
Principal – Independence Middle School

“Jim Rio and his team from Music Connection have performed at all of our dances at Roehm Middle School for the past ten years. Jim delivers high energy, fun filled entertainment that our students enjoy. He has never disappointed the students at Roehm Middle School.”

Jim Gore
Principal – Roehm Middle School – Berea

“Eastern Heights Junior High School strongly recommends Jim Rio and Music Connection for your school events. Jim and his DJs are enthusiastic, encourage student involvement, provide prizes, play appropriate music and are very dependable. An A+ rating!!”

Carol Stomieroski
Student Coucil Advisor – Eastern Heights Junior High – Elyria